National Seal Product Day 2018
Sealskin Bracelet by Tracey Haley

Sealskin Bracelet by Tracey Haley


Once again this year, makers, industry partners, and influencers gathered to celebrate National Seal Product Day in Ottawa, and the introduction of a new venue in
St. John’s. This follows Bill S-208, that designates May 20th annually as the day to recognize the significance of the seal hunt for Canada’s Indigenous people, coastal communities, and entire population.

The Sealing Industry provides not only economic growth for these communities, but it is also part of their cultural heritage and way of life. In this year’s celebrations, the importance of a sustainable industry was highlighted and showcased through the beautiful works of 16 makers from  Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nunavut.

Both events had an incredible response from our 200+ participants, and we at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador would like to thank all of our sponsors, supporters and the general public for making this important day such a huge success.



Hosted on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and at the Confederation Building in St. John’s, National Seal Product Day is a marketing event that targets today’s decision makers and those advocating for the sealing industry and the sustainable hunt.

In 2010, the EU banned all Canadian Seal Products, due to the premise that it caused undo pain and suffering to the animals. This was amended in 2015, to reflect the outcomes of WTO rulings in the EC-Seal products case

In response to this, Bill S-208 was Royally Assented on May 16th, 2017, designating May 20th annually as National Seal Products Day, and to recognize the importance of the seal hunt for Canada’s Indigenous people, coastal communities and entire population.


We would also like to thank Les Suites Hotel Ottawa, for being the official hotel for National Seal Products Day in Ottawa.